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Which One Is Better Between Lake Aerators And Pond Fountains

Both lake aerators and pond fountains have their different functions. Choosing the right type of aquatic feature ensures the better health of aquatic life in your pond and also helps in improving the ponds aesthetic appeal. A pond that is not maintained properly can lead to, birth of insects and mosquitoes, cause water pollution, bad smell and odors and much more. 


Aerators are used to ensure that ponds aquatic life will get the proper oxygen to survive. Aerators circulate the water from top to bottom, which encourage an extra level of oxygen in the water, which is beneficial for pond aquatic life. Pond Fountains are generally used for decorative purposes and provides little benefits to the plants and the animals living in the pond.

Which One Is Better Between Lake Aerartors And Pond Fountains

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Lake Aerators And Pond Fountains

Pond Aerators:

Pond aerators are designed to circulate the pond water and increase the amount of oxygen level in the water by breaking the surface tension at the top of the water. This action ensures that aquatic plants and animals living in the pond water, have enough oxygen for their survival. Increase the level of oxygen in the pond water kills the impurities and helps in improving the quality of water that causes due to lack of oxygen in the water.

In stilled water, a surface tension on the water creates, which prevents the oxygen to reach in the water. It can be broken by using several kinds of aerators. There are several kinds of aerators available in the market such as diffusers, paddle wheels, pump sprays and vertical pumps.

The Diffusers is mainly used to pump and diffuse air into the bottom of the pond, and paddle wheels models stir the water by using large paddle wheel. Pump sprayer and vertical pump model used submersible water pumps that draw water from the bottom of the pond and spray it over the pond surface.

Pond Fountains:

Pond Fountains mainly improve the pond aesthetic appeal and also helps in recirculate the water near the pond surface. Pond fountains do not provide proper aeration to the water as they are unable to recirculate the water from the bottom of the pond. Most of the pond owners install pond fountains to their pond for their aesthetic appealing which add beauty to the pond. Pond fountains should be placed in the middle of the pond as pond fountains near the pond bank lead to cause of soil erosion.

Pond Care:

In ponds which are high deeper or more then 8 feet, the upper 4 to 6 feet of water heats more rapidly in summer days as compared to the water near at the pond bottom. The difference in the temperature of water in the top and the bottom layer of the pond water creates different layers of water with different densities which do not intermix. The oxygen in the bottom pond water reduces, which results in killing of new growing plants. As the temperature down, all the water layers start mixing, which give encourage to the rotting plant to the surface. And it creates an oxygen deficiency in the entire pond.


Ponds with irregular size and shape needs more than one aerators for the proper circulation of water so that proper oxygen should be supply in the entire pond. The most important time of the year to provide aeration to your pond is summer. In summer season the water gets heated rapidly during the day.